I am a scholar who focuses on the works and influence of Boethius, sixth century Roman statesman, theologian, philosopher, and author of The Consolation of Philosophy. This is a reader’s blog where I reflect on how pieces of literature move, expand, and activate the power of imagination, imagination taken from a variety of perspectives but most basically as the ability of the mind to derive patterns from the senses and contemplate the meaning that those patterns can discover – those images made to mean. My focus is on Boethius and Boethiana, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and other authors I love and follow – the threat of film criticism also looms. As someone interested in theistic philosophy, I also occasionally take it upon myself to pontificate on matters theological as well. I’m glad to have you along.

Read about Boethius and why I admire him so deeply:

Boethius: Philosopher of the Imagination

And another on him:

Overcoming the Earth: The Life and Works of Our Blessed Martyr, Severinus Boethius

Here’s a partial list of authors Boethius influenced:

Top 10 Boethian Authors and Their Books

And another:

5 Great Boethian Woman Writers

For a larger view of my more traditionally academic work, take a look here:

Academic Pursuits

Faculty Page – Niagara University

I also have a YouTube channel where I… tube, I guess.

theboethianacolyte (youtube)

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