The Bells are Ringing: Available On Amazon

The first part of The Saturn Files, “The Bells are Ringing,” is now available as an ebook through Amazon. The story is the last confession of Gerald Portinari, a public relations officer for the Department of Interstellar Research and Development (the unfortunately acronymed DIRT), who sets out to gather information about mining operations on Saturn’s moons. Jerry finds that he might have more than he bargained for by undertaking the expedition when he catches wind that the space station on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, might be haunted, and learns that Freebooters, a criminal syndicate of space pirates, are sometimes a threat even this far out. All of this has been in the news before, but his journal entry reveals memories that suggest Saturn’s profound secret.

A preview is available on Amazon’s site:

If you get a copy and enjoy the story, I would appreciate your honest review!

“The Bells are Ringing” appeared originally in Of Gods and Globes in 2018. The sequel to “The Bells are Ringing,” called “Overcoming the Earth,” will publish in Of Gods and Globes 2 in the Spring of 2020. A prequel to “Bells” and a novella following “Overcoming the Earth” are also under way, so if you like the story there will be more to come in this sci-fi/fantasy world!

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